Welcome to the Go Studio Apps website!

Go Studio Apps creates an iPhone application so you and your clients can take your studio with them everywhere. Our framework plugs in your existing blog, twitter, and SmugMug accounts so that everyone can keep up to date on your studio. Everytime you update the blog or add another client gallery it shows up directly in your iPhone application. No maintenance required. The iPhone app is branded for your business and has some amazing features that will amaze your clients. Here’s what’s included:

Gorgeous Galleries

Your app comes ready with access to beautiful image galleries so you and your clients can view gorgeous images inside the app. Galleries can be password protected for clients’ privacy, and be made public so everyone can view your portfolio. A thumbnail view lets you scan through hundreds of photos quickly, and then focus on that one image you love in full screen view. Anyone can download your app through their phone, so your images can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

Native Blog / Twitter Interface

Native interfaces just feel better. They’re more responsive, can load when you don’t have connectivity. We’ve built a native interface into your app so people can read your blog and twitter feed. The entries are cached on the phone, so they app loads quickly and you can view your blog anytime, anywhere. You can also share a blog post with their family and friends. With the touch of a button the message composer appears without ever having to leave the app.

Links & Resources

Add links to preferred vendors, bridal resources, and your own reviews. You can have as many links as you want. The reviews are shown in a mobile formatted version that can point to any review site where you gather feedback such as Wedding Wire, project wedding, or Yelp.

Contact Information

Your clients want one touch access to contact you, so we’ve built that into the app. With one touch, people can call, email, or visit your website straight from your application. We’ve also included a link for pricing information that you can use to describe some of the great services and products your studio offers.